Workflow365 products

Try our solutions that are ready to be installed and used in your organization's Microsoft 365 subscription!

We develop multilingual business solutions based on Microsoft 365 , Azure and other cloud platforms, which utilize the advantages of SharePoint, Project, Power BI, Teams & PowerApps products and technologies.

A significant amount of enterprise customers prefer custom-tailored development, but many small and medium businesses have similar needs. That's why we have designed several «boxed» solutions that are ready to be deployed within a day, with trial versions available. They solve specific problems, can be used «as is», and can be adopted to the needs of a particular customer. This saves a great amount of time and cuts expenses on deployment! All solutions are in a Microsoft SharePoint Add-In format. Not only does it ensure quick installation, but when new versions of SharePoint come out, the applications will keep working. There's no need to update them manually as well!.


A KPI manager for Microsoft Teams

KPI Manager 365 is a Teams-native application developed for HR departments to provide them with the tools to manage KPI across the entire enterprise, and to ensure maximum productivity of employees in general. Using digital Key Performance Indicators of employees/workgroups/departments/organizations helps you get an objective view of the situation within the company, and of the efficiency of the selected management strategy.

The flexible and convenient KPI management system lets you quickly set goals, and then clearly shows you when they are reached. Such a system becomes an integral tool in managing the efficiency and competitiveness of the company.

KPI Manager 365 works as a part of the Microsoft 365 environment, and lets you solve the whole array of tasks associated with setting goals, applying them to employees/teams, and managing their execution. The goals matrix gives you quick access to a list of all currently set goals and shows their progress. At the same time, working within Microsoft 365 guarantees quick, safe and reliable access to for all users, including remote and mobile users, without having to install any additional software.

System features:

  • The ability to set and reconcile goals and tasks for both individual employees and teams.
  • Creating a goal matrix for displaying the goal distribution among the employees.
  • The ability to delegate goals to another employee.
  • The ability to decompose a goal into sub-goals for employees.
  • The ability to view all current goals by department, and to manage their execution.
  • The ability to send notifications to employees about goals set, goals reconciled by managers, and goals being read by others.
  • Full support of mobile devices and smartphones.