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Try our solutions that are ready to be installed and used in your organization's Microsoft 365 subscription!

We develop multilingual business solutions based on Microsoft 365 , Azure and other cloud platforms, which utilize the advantages of SharePoint, Project, Power BI, Teams & PowerApps products and technologies.

A significant amount of enterprise customers prefer custom-tailored development, but many small and medium businesses have similar needs. That's why we have designed several «boxed» solutions that are ready to be deployed within a day, with trial versions available. They solve specific problems, can be used «as is», and can be adopted to the needs of a particular customer. This saves a great amount of time and cuts expenses on deployment! All solutions are in a Microsoft SharePoint Add-In format. Not only does it ensure quick installation, but when new versions of SharePoint come out, the applications will keep working. There's no need to update them manually as well!.


Automation of legal document creation and approval.

Our solution fully automates the approval process for documents and contracts:

  • Employees can create requests for internal negotiation and approval of contracts and various legal actions;
  • Up-to-date information about the request’s approval chain and current status;
  • Decision makers can review and approve anywhere and anytime;
  • 24/7 access to information.

Work gets done faster:

  • Parallel as well as consecutive approval processes supported;
  • Approval sped up thanks to the Internet-based platform;
  • Internet-based processing: can be done while not in the office;
  • Approval process visualization (current step; who is reviewing the request now; final status).


  • Geo replication, built-in backup, 24/7 data access;
  • Electronic documents do not get lost and are easily recoverable;

Data Security:

  • Rights management for creation and viewing requests;
  • Rights management for roles, approval routes, and creation of new users;
  • Prevention of data deletion.


AntexCloud offered us a solution that has streamlined the document approval process between projects and legal departments. The decision to use Microsoft 365 as a platform has saved us a lot of time, and also decreased the cost of the resulting document management solution.

Custom-tailored software developed by AntexCloud meets all the expectations, is easily scalable, and has all the features we expected from the ECM software. We especially would like to highlight the quick response time to our inquiries regarding any issues.

PSK Farvater