Workflow365 products

Try our solutions that are ready to be installed and used in your organization's Microsoft 365 subscription!

We develop multilingual business solutions based on Microsoft 365 , Azure and other cloud platforms, which utilize the advantages of SharePoint, Project, Power BI, Teams & PowerApps products and technologies.

A significant amount of enterprise customers prefer custom-tailored development, but many small and medium businesses have similar needs. That's why we have designed several «boxed» solutions that are ready to be deployed within a day, with trial versions available. They solve specific problems, can be used «as is», and can be adopted to the needs of a particular customer. This saves a great amount of time and cuts expenses on deployment! All solutions are in a Microsoft SharePoint Add-In format. Not only does it ensure quick installation, but when new versions of SharePoint come out, the applications will keep working. There's no need to update them manually as well!.


Support service and field engineers' work automation.

Our product fully automates management of field workers and SLA fulfillment:

  • Assignment of tasks and control of their fulfillment over Internet;
  • Automated generation of service reports per employee and per site;
  • Visual analytics on the current situation and possible issues.

100% control of SLA fulfillment helps you avoid fines for SLA violations: Automatic generation of service reports (where the date, place, time and service fulfilled is clearly indicated) allows you to ensure that service or work SLA promises are met as per contract.

Eliminate time waste and gain around 1,5 hours per agent daily: Mobile workers no longer need to waste time going to the office to get service orders, and get filled forms later back to the office. This will now be done via Internet.

Get proactively warned in case of possible issues. Timely reaction prevents possible accidents or damage: Analytical reports visually highlight objects that will become a problem if service deadlines (or other contractual obligations) are missed.


«With the monitoring and reporting system designed by AntexCloud, based on the Microsoft 365 platform, we were able to improve customer service quality and cut expenses by 80%.

Antex Cloud consultants have designed a series of reports that enabled ongoing monitoring of service agents work, that provided us with proven facts for justified argumentation when customer disputes arise».