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We develop multilingual business solutions based on Microsoft 365 , Azure and other cloud platforms, which utilize the advantages of SharePoint, Project, Power BI, Teams & PowerApps products and technologies.

A significant amount of enterprise customers prefer custom-tailored development, but many small and medium businesses have similar needs. That's why we have designed several «boxed» solutions that are ready to be deployed within a day, with trial versions available. They solve specific problems, can be used «as is», and can be adopted to the needs of a particular customer. This saves a great amount of time and cuts expenses on deployment! All solutions are in a Microsoft SharePoint Add-In format. Not only does it ensure quick installation, but when new versions of SharePoint come out, the applications will keep working. There's no need to update them manually as well!.


Automation of purchasing / payment requests.

Our solution automates approval processes of payment requests to partners and third parties:

  • This product helps to significantly cut payment approval time, and to ensure that only approved requests are paid;
  • Employees can create payment requests and send them for approval;
  • Once a request gets approved by all decision makers, it is automatically sent for payment;
  • Up-to-date information about the request's approval chain and current status;
  • Employees can review and approve even if they are not in the office;
  • 24/7 access to information.

Work gets done faster:

  • Internet-based processing: can be done while not in the office;
  • Approval process visualization (current step; who is reviewing the request now; final status).


  • Geo replication, built-in backup, 24/7 data access;
  • Electronic documents do not get lost and are easily recoverable;


  • Avoid unnecessary or unauthorized spending;
  • Rights management for creating and viewing requests;
  • Rights management for roles, approval routes, and creation of new users;
  • Preventing data deletion.


This product has helped us bring order to day-to-day operations, shorten payment times for invoices and partner payments by around 15-20%.

– An investment company, 100 users, 200 monthly payment requests